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How do I place my order?

Head on over to the contact page and fill in the form. 

Be sure to fill in all the fields and remember to note what size and flavour you were after.

Once your form has been submitted please allow 48 hours for a response. When your order is accepted you will receive an invoice that includes banking details. To secure your order payment is required in full via Bank Transfer or Credit Card. If you wish to pay using cash, this can also be arranged.


How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Orders need to be placed 7 days prior to the date. 
Orders are now open for dates up to June 30th 2023.

When and where can I collect my cake?

Once your order is paid for and confirmed you will be able to collect your cake from our new cafe/patisserie Saga located at 178 Enmore Rd, Enmore. Thursday-Sunday.

We ask that you select a half hour window between 10am-3pm. (ie. 11-11.30pm) that would suit you for collection so we can ensure your cake is all boxed up and ready to go.

Do you offer delivery or have delivery partner?

We do not offer delivery and all orders must be collected from our store in Enmore. If you would like to organise a courier please note that we are unable to take any responsibility for your cake once it leaves our store.

How should I store the cake?

Unlike classic cakes that are made from mostly cake and frosting, these cakes are majority mousse, which means they are a little more sensitive to heat. To keep your cake nice and stable, store your cake in a refrigerator until it’s needed. Make sure your cake is always placed on a flat surface and out of the sun or hot environments.

To remove the cake from the box, cut the sides of the box and slide the cake out, If you wish to lift the cake out, make sure you lift from beneath the cake and not from the edges of the cake board.


Can I collect my cake the day before my event?

We always recommend your cake be collected the day you wish to enjoy it but if it works better for you, you are welcome to collect the cake the day before and store it overnight in a fridge.


How should I transport the cake?

Your cake will come in a large sturdy box. 18cm and 22cm Cakes come in a 30cm Cubed Box and the 26cm Cakes come in a 32cm Cubed Box. We recommend that the cake box be placed on the passenger seat floor of your car.  Turn your air conditioning up and drive carefully.


Can the cakes travel long distances?

We recommend taking into consideration your flavour choice if you are planning to transport your cake long distances. Chocolate based mousse are less affected by temperature and therefore are more stable to transport. 

Can you add writing the cakes?

In short, No. We do not offer writing on the cakes due to the way they are decorated. If you wish the add a cake topper you are more than welcome to drop one off in advance and we can include it, or add it yourself on the day.


Do you offer samples or cake tastings before I commit to a flavour?

We don't offer traditional tasting but we do have 4 flavours on rotation in miniature versions available at our cafe Saga located in Enmore.


Do you cater for dietary requirements and allergys?

Due to the structure of the cakes we are currently unable to offer Gluten Free, Dairy free or Egg free cakes.

We are able to make nut free cakes but cannot guarantee the cake will be free of allergens as our kitchen uses nuts on a daily basis. 

Please note all flavours except Jasper and Karl contain Gelatine.


Will my cake have flowers?

All cakes come decorated with seasonal flowers and/or foliage. Additional or specific flowers can be ordered at an extra cost. All flowers are non-poisonous, however we recommend removing them before eating the cake as, well quite frankly they aren’t very delicious.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

Once your order has been paid in full we do not offer refunds so please chose carefully.

If you wish to change flavours, postpone or move your order date we are happy to accommodate you with enough notice (at least 5 days notice).

Cancelled orders will be given a credit for the full amount paid that can be used either at Andy Bowdy Pastry or Saga Enmore.

If you havn't found the answer you were looking for, shoot us an email.

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