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Frequently Asked

If you were wondering...

How far in advance do I need to place my order

Orders need to be placed 7 days prior to the date. Occasionally we have capacity to offer cakes closer to the date so if its now within 7 days of the order date, feel free to email us at to double check the availabilty.

When and where can I collect my cake?

Our new location is at Salma's Canteen.

Shop 2, 797 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW

Collection times are available during standard opening hours 10am-4pm daily.

When booking your cake, if you're preferred collection time is already booked, add a note requesting the time and we will try our best to accomodate you.

How should I store the cake?

Unlike classic cakes that are made from mostly cake and frosting, these cakes are majority mousse, which means they are a little more sensitive to heat. To keep your cake nice and stable, store your cake in a refrigerator until it’s needed. Make sure your cake is always placed on a flat surface and out of the sun or hot environments.

To remove the cake from the box, cut the sides of the box and slide the cake out, If you wish to lift the cake out, make sure you lift from beneath the cake and not from the edges of the cake board.

How should I transport the cake?

Your cake will come safely boxed in either a 30cm cubed box (for 18cm and 22cm cakes) or a 32cm cubed box (for 26cm cakes). The cake is best transported on a flat surface in your cake like on the ground between the seat and the dash or in the boot. Keep in mind you will want to keep the cake as cool as possible during transit.

Can the cakes travel long distances?

We recommend taking into consideration your flavour choice if you are planning to transport your cake long distances (over 2 hours).. Chocolate based mousse are less affected by temperature and therefore are more stable to transport.

Can I collect my cake the day before my event?

We always recommend your cake be collected the day you wish to enjoy it but if it works better for you, you are welcome to collect the cake the day before and store it overnight in a fridge.

Can I make changes/alterations to the cakes?

Unfortunately we are not offering alterations to the cakes. We are able to remove nuts from all cakes except Karl. We currently dont offer any gluten free/egg free/dairy free options for the celebration cakes

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